Adventist Youth Ministries
in the Greater New York Conference

The Adventist Youth Ministries Department of the Greater New York Conference provides leadership, vision, and support for 10 ministries, which take place on a daily basis at our churches, companies, and groups in the New York metropolitan area and its surroundings. The ministries under the umbrella of the Adventist Youth Ministries Department are: Adventurer, Pathfinder, Master Guide, Adventist Youth Society, Teens, Collegiate, Young Adult, Bible Bowl, National Service Organization, AYES Corps, PLA, PIA, ALA, AIA, Camp, Mission Trip, Adventist Youth Media, and Preach It. (For more information, please click on the section for each ministry.)Over 100 youth, young adults, and adults, volunteer and work directly, as part of the Conference staff of the Adventist Youth Ministries Director, to facilitate these ministries through the territory of the Greater New York Conference, with about 24,000 members which include almost 200 nationalities and about 26 different language groups, in 180 churches and groups.

It is important to note that an estimated 15,000 of the members of our Conference are under age 35; this number is consistent with the youth and young adult ratio in the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide.It is also relevant to note that a great amount of those over the official youth and young adult age, are still active, working in one or more areas of Adventist Youth Ministries in our local churches.This is the official Adventist Youth Ministries Website for the Greater New York Conference. If you would like more information about our Conference, Administration, Churches, and other departments and ministries, feel free to go to our Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day of Adventists official website:

To train Youth & Young adults to grow in Christ, practice servant leadership and be disciple.
The Mission of the Adventist Youth Ministries of Greater New York Conference is to motivate and train Children, Youth, & Young Adults to live as Jesus lived, mingling with and   serving  the community to reveal God’s infinite love.
  1. Spiritual Transformation (2 Cor: 5:17)
  2. Authenticity (1 Jn. 4:12)
  3. Discipleship (Luke 14:27)
  4. Relationship Oriented (John 15:1)
  5. Christ Centered (John 12:32)
  6. Servant Leadership (Phil. 2:5-11)
  7. Relevant (1 Cor. 9:20)

Primary Objective

Children, Youth, & Young adult, serving the church and the community, and winning others for Christ.

Secondary Objective

  1. Provide resources to AYES, AYLC, ALA, AIA, PLA, PIA and MG classes per Area
  2. One Adventist Youth Society/Adventist Youth Ministry in each Church.
  3. One Adventurer & Pathfinder Club per Church.
  4. One public Youth Evangelism Series per Church, per year.
  5. One Large United Public Youth Evangelism
  6. 5-10 New Young Preachers (under 35) at each Church.
  7. Several Youth and Young Adults as Elders and Leaders at each Church and their community