Adventist Youth Theater Certification (AYT)


Adventist Youth Theatre Certification (AYT) is designed for students who are interested in using the art of theatre as a catalyst to bring forth the message of Christ’s Gospel to life. This program highlights the theoretical, critical and historical approaches for preparing theatre as a tool for evangelism, while providing and requiring a hands-on experience in drama. Students are taught all aspects of this performing art, allowing their expertise to be used effectively in a myriad of other ministries, including within and outside the Adventist Community in the Greater New York Area.

The main goal is that you learn the art of Theatre and that you understand its great significance as an instrument for evangelism in God’s work and in our Church. All participants will be required to be heavily involved and engaged in class discussions as well as activities.


Syllabus 2014



PDFIcon_Smallest1 Syllabus English



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