Youth Congress 2013


2013 – Tracks

Track 1 -PBST (Pathfinder Basic Staff Training)

powerpoint_icon PBST Club Organization session 2,3
powerpoint_icon PBST Organizacion, Planificacion, Programacion sessions 2,3
powerpoint_icon PBST History and Philosophy session 10


Track 2 – ABST (Adventurer Basic Staff Training)

powerpoint_icon ABST_Eager_Beaver_session 2
powerpoint_icon ABST_Little_Lambs_session 2
powerpoint_icon ABST_Understanding_Adventurer_session 2
powerpoint_icon ABST Adventurer Curriculum session 3


Track 3 – ALA (Adventurer Leadership Award)

PDFIcon_Smallest1 ALA-PLA Children with Special Needs 2013_session 2
word_smallIcon ALA Requirements


Track 4 – AIA (Adventurer Instructor Award)

PDFIcon_Smallest1 PIA-AIA_Training Instructors to Train 2013_session 4
word_smallIcon AIA Binder 2013


Track 5 – PLA (Pathfinder Leadership Award)

powerpoint_icon PLA_Orientacion_seccion 1
powerpoint_icon PLA_Orientation_session 1
PDFIcon_Smallest1 ALA-PLA_Children with Special needs 2013_session 2
powerpoint_icon PLA_Discipline_session 10
PDFIcon_Smallest1 PLA_Handout_- Understanding_Children
word_smallIcon PLA Binder rev. 01-17-10


Track 6 – PIA (Pathfinder Instructor Award)

PDFIcon_Smallest1 PIA-AIA_Training Instructors to Train 2013_session 4
powerpoint_icon PIA_Entrenando instructores para entrenar_session 6
powerpoint_icon PIA_Dealing_with_Attitudes_session 7
powerpoint_icon PIA_Usando Tu Influencia_session 9
powerpoint_icon PIA-PLA_Adult Temperaments
powerpoint_icon PIA-PLA_Understanding children’s temperaments
word_smallIcon PIA Binder rev. 01-02-2012


Track 7 – Electives

These are seminars in various topics pertaining to the Adventist Youth Ministries. Excellent resource for anybody associated with the youth ministries at the local church. Not associated with any specific track.

powerpoint_icon Elective – A Definition of Spiritual Formation


Track 10 – AYM (Adventist Youth Media)

PDFIcon_Smallest1 GNYC_Media_Syllabus


Track 11 – AYP (Adventist Youth Preaching)

word_smallIcon AYP Syllabus


Music Seminar

PDFIcon_Smallest1 Leading_Your_Church_in_Music_and_Worship
PDFIcon_Smallest1 Is_Jesus_In_The_Temple_Today_English
PDFIcon_Smallest1 Musica_y_Adoración_Español
PDFIcon_Smallest1 Los_Estilos_Musicales_Español

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  1. hello, I just want to know how can I do to get the powerpoint of camping and outdoor education by Roy Davidson, I urgently need it for my ALA class!, and also Child abuse!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Post

      Hello, you can contact the instructor to see if they could provide that to you directly or send it to the conference so that I can post it. We’ve only posted those presentations which have been sent to us

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