Bible Bowl

Bible Bowl Press Release:

Greater New York Conference Participates in the 32nd Annual National Bible Bowl Competition, October 24-25, 2014, in Nashville, Tennessee.

During the weekend of October 24th and 25th, young people from around the nation gathered at the Baptist Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee for the Thirty-second Annual National Bible Bowl Competition.  Our two Greater New York Conference teams did very well.  Representing the conference in the Adult Division was All Nations Church, which placed third in their category.  In second place for the Young Adult Division was the Morris Park/Port Chester team, which placed second in their category.

We congratulate both teams for their hard work, and will continue to encourage them in their study of the Word.

Kemly McGregor, Bible Bowl Coordinator

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The Objective of the Bible Bowl in the Greater New York Conference is to encourage children, youth, young adults, and adults to study the Bible. When children, youth, young adults, and adults get deep into their Bibles they are able to share the good news with people who need Jesus in a loving and persuasive manner.


Bible Bowl Forms

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