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The Greater New York Conference is embarking on a new plan to work with Seventh-day Adventist students who are attending public colleges and universities in North America. We have presently identified Adventist students in more than 20 campuses of public colleges and universities here in the Greater New York area.

The concept is to get Adventist students to help organize, communicate with and draw together other Seventh-day Adventist students and family at any given public university campus. They would be responsible for helping to plan and conduct spiritually oriented gatherings for the students and staff which they would identify. They would also be enabled to do outreach to their friends and fellow students through the process that would be developed by their local group.

Greater New York Conference Collegiate & Campus Ministries Coordinator: Alex España or

Ministries in New York City College and University CampusesThe Adventist Christian Fellowship at Columbia University is a group formed by Seventh-day Adventist Students who meet and minister on Campus. For more information and schedule of activities and small group meetings, please click on the following link:

Sites of Interest:

Adventist Christian Fellowship

North American Division Campus Ministries

Adventist Chaplaincy Campus Ministries

College and University Dialogue

Sabbath School U (University)

Sabbath School Collegiate Quarterly 

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