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The Master Guide Program is at the highest level of leadership within the Adventurer/Pathfinder programs of the church. Its curriculum is designed for youth and adults (ages 16 and up). First and foremost it focuses on one’s personal spiritual life and growth. Secondly it emphasizes in sharpening of those skills which are specifically geared to leading youth in God-ordained areas of development: understanding God’s world of nature, outreach ministry, service to others and a life-style that denotes healthy living. As one church leader of the past put it so simply – “You can’t teach what you don’t know, and you can’t lead where you won’t go.” As leaders we must not only be good at spouting theories if we expect to see success with our youth ministry; we must live what we preach and demonstrate it.

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Master Guide Resources


 excel_SmallIcon Registration Form
 word_smallIcon Binder
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 word_smallIcon MG_Camporee_Acknowledgment_Form
 word_smallIcon MG_Field_Trip_Acknowledgment_Form
 word_smallIcon MG_Honor_Acknowledgment_Form
 word_smallIcon MG_Investiture_Acknowledgment_Form
 word_smallIcon MG_Worship_Service_Acknowledgment_Form
 word_smallIcon MG_One_Goal_For_a_Role
 word_smallIcon MG_Roles_and_Goal_Form_Template
 word_smallIcon MG_Pre_Requisite
 word_smallIcon MG_Class_Template
 word_smallIcon MG_Goal_Action_Form
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Class Schedules

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PDFIcon_Smallest1 Manhattan English
PDFIcon_Smallest1 Manhattan Español

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