Mission Trip Ministry

The Teens, Young Adults, and many Adults of the Greater New York Conference are not only concerned with fulfilling the commission of Jesus here in this big city and its surrounding areas. Though we constantly minister in the Greater New York area, we are also concern for the people who need Jesus and need us throughout the world. This is the reason why year after year since 2003, High School, College, and University students give up their summer or Easter break, professionals forego of their vacation, and come up with funds to travel to a corner of the world to minister through a short term mission trip in the name of Jesus and of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greater New York. We have led about (18) Short Term Mission Trips since January 2003.

Some of the Mission projects undertaken by our missionaries are: Church Construction, Vacation Bible Schools for kids in needy neighborhoods, Medical and Dental Care in areas where there is little access to Doctors and medicine, Preaching and Personal Evangelism, among others. Some of the countries visited in our short term mission projects are: Mexico (6), Jamaica (2), Dominican Republic (2), the Philippines (1) and most recently Haiti in combination with ACS through AYES Corps (5). We also led two (2) trips in 2005 to assist the Gulf Coast in disaster response, reconstruction, and clean-up, right after the Katrina Hurricane catastrophe.

Recently, since 2008 there were some local church youth groups who organized Short Term Mission Trips and carried them out successfully. That’s is exactly one of our objectives, that as local youth groups become strong, they will be able to lead their own successful missionary journey to a place of need, whether it is domestic or abroad.

The coordinator for the Mission Trips is Walter Harris.

Mission Trip Registration and Information

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