Dedication Ceremony for Adventist Soldiers

Whenever a young man or a young woman from one of our churches joins the military, the local church must conduct a small dedication service on his/her behalf. The dedication could take place during the worship service; following you can see a sample of the service:

The Pastor/Elder calls the young soldier to the podium.

The Pastor/Elder expresses words of encouragement and thanksgiving to the soldier for committing to serve the country. A few words regarding the faithfulness to God and God’s protection in times of crisis are very appropriate at this time.

The Pastor/Elder presents the National Service Organization Kit* to the soldier.

The Pastor and the Elders of the church surround the soldier and have a special prayer of dedication and protection for him/her.

*The National Service Organization Kit can be obtained at the Adventist Youth Ministries Department of the Greater New York Conference. The Kit contains a small pocket size: Bible, Bible Textionary, and Steps to Christ. It also contains a NSO Subscription card, which if filled out, entitles the soldier to receive two Adventist publications plus the Sabbath School Quarterly and the Adventist Review while he/she is on active duty.

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