Ideas: What to do with your Teens Club?


Prayer Station in the Busy Intersection or Corner: Request permission from the city or community authorities and set up the Prayer Station booth in the corner. Make aprons that read “Prayer Warrior” or “Can I Pray for You?” As people pass by, offer to pray for them; you’ll be surprise some will accept your prayer. Have a small card to let them know the address of your church and how to contact someone in case they need to pray again.

Wear Shirt with Christian Message during a Fun Day: Whenever you go in an outing (Six Flags, baseball game, Pizza Hut) as a group, have the entire group wear shirts with a Christian Message. The teens will be a walking evangelist for those you will come in contact with.

Adopt a Highway or a Park: It is a way to let the community know that Seventh-day Adventist Teens care about not only about their church, but about those around them. You will receive church publicity, as the sign will read: “This Highway has been adopted by the _____________________ Seventh-day Adventist Teens.

Christmas Toy Drive: Post Offices receive lots of letters prior to Christmas time from kids going through adverse circumstances. Get the letters from the Post Office and organize a Toy Drive and deliver the toys during Christmas, letting those kids know that teenagers from the _______________________Seventh-day AdventistChurch love them.

Obituary Ministry: Read the obituary section of the Sunday papers, research the address of the surviving family members, and send a care package with a note, letting those suffering know, that the Teens from the __________________ Seventh-day Adventist Church are praying for them during these very difficult times.

Decorate a Wall: Find one of those walls that has been graffiti with all types of swear words and ugly language, request permission to clean it up and decorate it with a wonderful positive message or a Biblical painting. Some of the teens in your group are talented artists.

Story Hour: Find a building in the community, reserve the community service hall of the building, and begin to advertise a Children’s Story Hour once a week. You’ll be surprised to see kids show up to your program. Some kids and parents will come to Christ as a result of this program.

Mother’s Day Project: Buy several hundreds of roses; attach a sticker to each one with a note: “Happy Mother’s Day” from the Teens of the ______________________ Seventh-dayAdventistChurch. On Mother’s Day go out and deliver the roses to the community mothers.

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