Young Adults in the Greater New York Conference

In a world where everyone asks what can the church do for them and what kind of program can the church provide and cater to their interest group, the Young Adults and Young Professionals of the Greater New York Conference are committed to serving their church. The question young adults in Greater New York are asking is: How can we serve our Church, here in this big city and its suburbs?

Young Adults in Greater New York know they are the strategically situated, by the Lord, at the middle of the road, right between the Teens and the Adults of the Church and its communities. Young Adults are young and adults at the same time, thus providing a higher level of understanding and relationship toward both groups. Committed Young Adults are the catalyst age group for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greater New York. Young Adults lived in the past and know our church’s past; young adults have also seen God at work within our Church. Young Adults have also experienced and have fresh memory of the things which have not worked in the past and would not like to see them repeated in the present and the future. Young Adults were teens just a few years ago and know what they would have loved to experienced as they grew up; young adults also remember vividly the many positive experiences and ministry opportunities our church provided them with, as they were growing up.

Young Adults have grown, studied, and prepared themselves to be relevant in the work place and business atmosphere of New York City, becoming responsible and respected members of the community; and they bring the same level of responsibility and professionalism to our local Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Greater New York. Having the love and respect of Teens and Adults alike, having experienced the triumphs and failures of the Church in the past, having a vision for the present and the future of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the monetary resources, the technological savvy, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the young adults are key to the functioning and explosive growth of our church in the Capital of the World and through the World.

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