How can the local church involve young adults?

Young adults are usually very busy individuals, raising a young family (if married), who will volunteer their time to the church when they see a need. Young Adults usually do not enjoy church politics and try to stay away from churches and groups who are highly political; on the other side they enjoy and thrive when given the opportunity to support a just cause which brings justice and relieve to the down trodden and needy. Young Adults have a special interest in teens, youth, music, technology, small groups, finances, communications, community services, and prison ministries, among others. Young couples have a very special interest in Children’s Ministries and love to see a blossoming Sabbath School Department, Adventurer Department, and Pathfinder Department; the spiritual lives of their little sons and daughters depend on these ministries. Many of the young adults in Greater New York Conference are proven professionals and Administrators, with great speaking abilities. When chosen to lead as Elders, they do an excellent ministry aid by excellent administrative and organizational skills.

Young Adults are a blessing to their work and business places; they can certainly be a huge blessing to the local church.

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