Ministry Ideas and Suggestions for Young Adults

Small Groups with Peers: This is one of the most proven methods to bring others to Jesus, as well as to keep Adventist young adults in the church. Small groups meet in homes (very much recommended), restaurants, conference rooms, among other places. A perfect opportunity to invite your peers (business partners, doctors from your hospital, lawyers, fashion designers, models, mechanics, other school principals, other university counselors, factory co-workers, nurses, therapists, etc). Whichever your profession or trade is, invite your peers to a small group. They will feel at home among their peers and you will be able to share Jesus with them.

Pick a Ministry which is in shambles at your Church: Most churches have a ministry which is in real bad shape or non-existing, a ministry which has been overlooked or fallen between the cracks. Suggestions of Ministries that at times get overlooked: *Sabbath School Children’s Departments, *Adventurers, *Pathfinders, AY Society, Media-Communications, Community Services, Prison Ministries, Youth & Young Adult Choir, Church Orchestra or Church Band, Collegiate & University Students Ministry, Small Groups, among other ministries.

*Keep in mind that one of the reasons why Sabbath School is so poorly attended is because there is lack of quality or non-existent Children’s Sabbath School Classes. If you would like to see young adult couples with kids flocking to your church, volunteer to minister to kids in Sabbath School, Adventurers, and Pathfinders, and you’ll have a church full with young families, super active and growing church.

Organize a Church-led Little League in your Church’s Community: When the church gets involved in the life of the community, great things happen. Sports for kids and Little Leagues are big among parents in the community and can be super evangelistic tools. Young Adults can be instrumental in the creation of such evangelism instruments for the church in the community.

Mentorship and Tutoring: There are teens in the community that are in need of tutoring and mentorship; these apply to poor neighborhoods, as well as to rich neighborhoods. An area where young adults who volunteer an hour or two hours a week can make a big difference in the life of the church and its community.

Organize a Youth Sports League: Sports are very attractive for young people and adults alike. Many young people from the community would never set a foot in one of our churches, but they will come with friends to play and watch a sports tournament. By meeting other young people who are Christians, they can become excited about friends who love God and eventually, excited about the God of their friends.

Approach your Pastor and ask him, how you can assist him in the Church: The majority of the pastors will be very appreciative of a young adult who approaches him/her and volunteers time to help and assist in church duties. It’s essential that young adults and their pastors work together.

Get a place, outside of the Church Building and present a week or two of Public Evangelism: Public Evangelism, though not the only method of evangelism, can be very effective in some areas. Get a team of 5-12 young adults, find a place, invite your friends, and present one or two weeks of public evangelism, with appeals for your friends to accept Jesus and be baptized.

Help to Finance Special Projects: As Seventh-day Adventist we give ten percent of our income to the work of God, through our church, it is called the tithe, and the church uses it to support the work in Greater New York and the world. Pastors, teachers, missionaries, church programs, evangelism, among other items are supported and paid with the tithe. There are young adults who go beyond the call of duty and dedicate another portion of their income, beyond the ten percent tithe, and support special projects and causes within the church and its community such as: local church buildings, local church expenses and budget, special community service projects, Camp Berkshire development, , youth and young adult mission trips, among others.

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