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  1. Kelly Ulloa
    Hello, My name is Kelly. I am 16 years old and have started a Small Teen Group. Our group is called Raising The Voice or Alzando Las Voces in spanish. Our group has started a month ago or so. I am the director nominated by the teens in our small group Luces de Sion, a new church that has been formed. The sub-director is my trusting person from church Mrs. Santiago, and others who are supporting this group. It makes it difficult to meet once in awhile because I live far away from the church. I really liked your ideas and ive read The Samll Groups. I love that my group is really getting excited to start any new activity. Im also sub-director of the AY program in our church, and soon to be director of our Pathfinder club that are soon to hope and organize one in our church. And hoping to start a Worship Team for our church. Our church is from Allentown, Pennsylvania and I have just moved here last summer, and feeling blessed by the Holy Spirit to work in a Godly enviroment with these kids.

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