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Pathfinder Bible Experience

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly …” (Colossians 3:16)


The purpose of the Pathfinder Bible Experience is to promote and encourage in-depth Bible study and memorization of the Bible by Pathfinders, so their understanding of scripture will increase and their relationship to Christ will grow.

The Pathfinder Bible Experience was developed to help Pathfinders and young people meditate and reflect on what the Bible says and how it applies to their lives. It features ideas for application to help Pathfinders use what they study and apply it to their daily experience at home, school and church.

The Pathfinder Bible Experience is the Official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. Pathfinders from across North America are committing to memory verses, chapters and books of the Bible as part of The Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE). PBE is a wonderful starting point for Bible study and a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. But memorization is just the beginning.


2022 PBE flier


Area level events bring together all the PBE teams from within one area of the 6 areas of the Greater New York Conference. Obviously you want at least two teams and preferably more in an area event. Ideally an area event would include two to ten teams, but it is possible to have more.

  • Online Registration before November 30th, 2021 is required to participate in the 2022 Bible Experience program.
  • ALL registration MUST be done online – including the submission of the signed PBE registration, statement of integrity, and media release forms.
  • All Pathfinders participating at any Bible Experience Level must be officially registered as Pathfinder by their directors with the conference for that year - with all registration fees paid.
  • All Pathfinders participating at any Bible Experience Level must be inducted into their local club to participate in the PBE.
  • All Pathfinders participating at any Bible Experience Level must wear their Class-A uniform including sash even if they have no honors on it.

All 3 forms needed for registration are available for download by clicking on the buttons below. The "PBE Team Registration" form will be downloaded directly to your computer while the "Statement of Integrity" and the "Videography/Photography Release" forms will open in your browser first and you need to manually download them.
The "PBE Team Registration" form is an editable MS Word document. Before printing it out, you may want to type in all the required information first and print it just for the pastor to sign.

PBE Registration Form
PBE Statement Of Integrity Form
PBE Image & Video Release Form

Testing Levels

Please click on the button below to learn more about the different levels of PBE testing.

PBE Mock Test
PBE Area Level Testing
PBE GNYC Testing
PBE AUC Testing
PBE NAD Testing

And a video clip of some of the experiences lived during previous PBE testings.


Sister Sherma Baptiste - Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator

Sherma Baptiste

GNYC PBE Coordinator